Monday, November 3, 2014

Google Translate

The Google Translate feature is sweet. I didn't even know that it excited. I wish I had known about this in high school when taking Spanish! It would have made my life so much easier. Here is the Translated text from an Italian Aesop Story. The Translation seems decent enough for me comprehend.

 The cow, the goat, the sheep and the lion

There is never to be trusted alliance with a powerful tale that proves my point. The cow, the goat and the sheep were resigned to injustice in society with the lion on the slopes wooded. Caught a deer from the large body, so the lion spoke, without the parties: "I'll take the first because I'm the lion, and the second, as a partner, you will assign me, and then, since I'm the strongest I'll have the third; woe to those who touch me the fourth. "So she alone, the evil impudence, took away all the prey.

Phaedrus, I, 5.

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