Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 15: Reading for the Class

Now that I reached the end of the class, I would like to discuss how the reading went. The best part about the readings is that they are not too long. Each major unit had different stories that were only about 10,000 words or so. This made it easy to read and talk about many different types of stories. I think that the Un-Textbook was setup absolutely perfect. There were lots of topics to pick from, and stories within those topics to choose. I think that all of the bases were covered throughout the semester. There is no way someone would not be able to find at least one story that they liked.

I have never had to write as much in any class as I have in this one. When you add everything up, it’s probably well over 40 pages of text. It was a unique experience for me and definitely a positive one. Even though the workload balance was about 35% reading-65% writing, I do believe that it was a perfect fit. Even you are writing stories and essays it is important to let other readers know what you are feeling and the many different writing assignments helped with that.

I don’t think any change needs to be made for the Un-Textbook next year. It had a good balance of pictures, introductions, and notes. I can’t think of any more topics that you could include in the book. Maybe, modern?

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