Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reading Diary for Week 10: Fairy Tales

  • Iagoo is one of the oldest and wisets storytellers.
  • All of the kids love him the most for his vivid storytelling.  Iagoo knew everything about the North Wind and the Animals.
  • The best time to tell stories was during the winter.
  • The king of the Land of Ice was a man named Ka-bib-on-okka, which in our language means the North Wind. That is a big name, I thought at first the North Wind was just the wind. Maybe I’ll use a word play when writing my story this week.
  • Sha-Won-dasee: is the South Wind. It seems as if the two are oppisites so they both cancel each other out. One cannot fully take over the other.
  • Shin-ge-bis wanted to take on the North Wind so he stayed where we was and fished. He was also known as the Diver because he could transform into a duck. He was always laughing and had a great positive attitude.
  • I enjoyed the story of Shin-ge-bis and the north with. It reminded me of a Ying and Yang type battle, were one force is constantly against the other. What surprised me though was that Shin-ge-bis was the main protagonist. I thought for sure that the South Wind would be the one he is going against.
  • The story of the little boy and clouds was a good heartwarming story! It moral of the story is that you don’t have to be the biggest, smartest, or the strongest person to accomplish wonders. All you have to is be brave and believe in yourself. This is what the worn did. He was able to climb all the way up the mountain and rescue the little boy and girl even though all the other bigger animals could not. It took him over one month to get there.
Part 2:
  • In the Boy who Snared the sun, the world was a very different place than what it is now.
  • The people and animals all lived together in harmony. Man did not kill beast for food, nor did the animals.
  • Since there was so many animals the people all died out and all that was left were a brother and a sister. The brother was a dwarf, so the sister had to do everything.
  • After receiving a gift form his sister, the boy began to hunt the birds and make a fur coat.
  • He is now trying to pull the Sun down in a noose. There is no way he can accomplish this I think.
  • The Dormouse had to save the day, and according to the other animals he was the dumbest. I guess as the saying goes “The bigger they are the harder they fall.”
  • As the Dormouse nibbled off the cord to set the sun free, He began to burn, and turn into what a normal looking mouse is today.
  • I didn’t really live the story of how summer came to me. I don’t know, for some reason it was just boring to me. What was interesting though was the fisherman and how he traveled and gathered some people to end the winter.

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  1. Hi Anthony! I have already commented on your introduction, so I tried finding something else to comment on. As I was looking, I noticed you also read the American Indian Fairy Tales this week. Do you enjoy it? Also, I like the way your format your reading diaries!