Monday, October 13, 2014

Reading Diary for Week 9: Native American Hero Tales

Part 1:
  • ·       The first story is about a man that lives in a village. He is known as “Unnatural Uncle” because he kills any nephews he has when they are a few years of age. The uncle has already killed two boys, and now a 3rd boy lives.
  • ·       This first page initially reminded me of the Greek God Cronos. I am not sure if I am right but I remember how he would eat his own new born babies. He was scared that eventually his son would grow up and kill him. Cronos reminds me a lot of the uncle.
  • ·       The Mother of the boy lied to the Uncle and said he was a girl so that he would not kill him. The uncle found out and wants to kill the boy anyway.
  • ·       I liked the story of the Uncle and the Nephew very much. The uncle tried so many times to kill the boy, but the nephew outsmarted him.
  • ·       The nephew has an interesting personality. He cares more about his family then he does for himself. He would rather die than watch his parents suffer.
  • ·       The treatment of the nephew’s parents by the Uncle led to his downfall in the end.
  • ·       Eagles pay an important role. They symbolize strength, flight and leadership in my eyes.
  • ·       The Blue-jay and his companion’s story is very interesting. Basically the group hunted seals and they kept all the fat for then selves. One day, another widower tricked then and made then go far off into sea. During Blue Jay’s travels, his team had to overcome many different races and competitions. They one then all and finally was a lot to leave and go back home.  They learned a lesson about sharing haha.

Part 2:
  • ·       The Story of Lodge-boy and Thrown-Away is weird!! It starts of so violent and graphic.
  • ·       Right now it seems as if the woman who killed the mother and two boys is a witch.
  • ·       Since the father took in the two kids are they “zombies” or are they spirits.
  • ·       The “Thrown-Away” boy seems to be he more aggressive than the other but both of them still are wild. They remind me of little children. They do the opposite of everything the father tells them to do, and they are also very destructive.
  • ·       I leaned about how the snake received a flat head from many of the different adventures the boys had.
  • ·       In the end, everything they touched got killed.
  • ·       In the next story I learned about the origin of the Pike, which is a fish. The story was hard to follow, but I got the basics of it, I think.
  • The jealous Father story is sort of like the first story I read in this unit. It seems like many of the characters are made to be jealous of their children. I don’t know if it is a cultural thing, but I find it quite interesting. The boy in the story escaped death multiple times and was about to get back home and kill his father.
  • The Dirty-boy was interesting. Most of the stories have a moral to them. Also they involve the main character not listening and then something bad happens.

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