Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reading Diary for Week 11: Beowulf

Part 1
Beowulf was always a strong individual since birth it was noted that he was strong. His parents took him away to live with his uncle so he could train. As a young boy he was often made fun of for his clumsiness.

This part reminds me of Spiderman or Peter Parker. Everyone used to make fun of him, but he turned out to he really strong and a hero.

Beowulf had to go to the land of Daneland to slay the monster Grendel.
We come to find out that Grendel haunted the Land and killed innocent people. It especially liked to kill young soldiers and eat then whole. Only the king, and the elderly were left. The King threw a feast in the hall of Heorot. It was the first time Beowulf and his crew had a chance to rest in over twelve years!

Part 2

After the feast all of the men went to sleep. While they were sleeping a mist appeared and swept the room. It was Grendel! (This part reminded me of the movie called The Mist. It is about monsters that live and only kill people within the mist.) Grendel used a magic spell to further keep the men asleep as he came through the door. The spell did not work on Beowulf because he wasn’t fully asleep yet. He ate one of Beowulf’s men in his sleep. Beowulf then woke up and the two started to fight.

Eventually, Beowulf slayed Grendel in battle; leaving his arm for souvenir. Everyone rejoiced, but that came to a end quickly because they found out that someone else has been killed. It was Grendel’s mother. Beowulf went to go find her. When he found her he killed her and again sliced the head of Grendel, and took it back to the king. Once h Beowulf returned home he eventually became king and many years passed of peace and happiness. One day a slave told him of a dragon guarding a treasure. Beowulf now an old king went to go slay the dragon, but he was killed.

I have read this story before and high school and I liked it. The only thing that sucks is that Beowulf dies. That is just how most Epics are.

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