Thursday, August 28, 2014

Essay for Week 2: Odysseus the Hero

        Odysseus the Hero

A “hero” can be a stranger, close friend, or family member. The definition of hero is dependent on the person you may be asking. To one person a hero may be someone who helps a stray cat out of a tree, or stops a bully from assaulting a kid. A hero can also be someone who donates money to a foundation to indirectly help a cause. Lastly, a hero can even be a kid that convinces his teacher not to give the class homework for the day. My personal definition of a hero is someone who stands up for something that is right. He leads a group of people to overcome tasks, and he is lifesaver. In my opinion what determines a hero is not just the character being represented, but it is about the people around him. If the people you are in contact with believe in your cause or look up to you then you might be a hero to that person. This doesn’t mean that you are a hero to everyone, so the term “hero” is essentially opinionated. I believe that Odysseus from Homer’s: The Odyssey is a true hero.
         Odysseus is the perfect example of a hero from this weeks reading. From the beginning he is looked at as a leader. He and his shipmates are lost and on their way back to their homeland. On the way back many obstacles block their path. One is example is when Odysseus and his crew arrive at the Cyclopes Island. When they came across the Cyclopes the men look to Odysseus to save them. After the monster devoured 8 of Odysseus’ men, Odysseus still kept a level head and tricked the Cyclopes into drinking and eventually impaling his eye to escape the island. Another example of heroism is when he met the Mighty Circe. As Odysseus was going to confront her, the mighty Hermes came to warn and aid him. Just this act alone of a god appearing to a mortal shows a lot. It shows that even to the gods Odysseus is worthy to accept the assistance from gods even though he is a mortal. He would eventually save is crew from the goddess Circe.

These are just 2 examples from a small passage of the story. There are countless of times where Odysseus is put to the test and passes. I believe that he is a true hero. If his story were true than I bet he would inspire many today.

(Picture of Odysseus by: Jastrow)
More Info on Odysseus can be found here: Wikipedia


  1. I also agree. Odysseus can very easily be portrayed as a hero. His bravery in the story, Homer's Odyssey captures just how strong he was. How does anyone not freak out if 8 of his men are not only captured but eaten alive right in front of them! I also thing heroes have to be intelligent which is exactly what Odysseus is!

  2. I really like the point you made that what defines a "hero" can be dependent on the person who you are asking. To many people, even a small act can make you a hero. I don't think anyone could deny Odysseus is a hero though! He overcomes and fights through life threatening situations that would make most men give up immediately.