Friday, September 26, 2014

Essay for Week 6: Monkeys!

Essay for Week 6: Monkeys!

This week in the Un-textbook I read The Monkey King. I decided to read this story because our teacher Mrs. Gibbs recommended it, and was it a great story! I really enjoyed the whole story of Sun Wu Kung. What I liked most about this story is reading about how Sun Wu got his power and reacted to others. At first he was just a monkey that was made from stone. He then became the king of his island, but what made him different was his obsession for everlasting life and power. He wanted to live forever so bad that he traveled around the world for years in search for it. When he finally got it he just did whatever he wanted. I wouldn’t say that Sun Wu was a bad person, but he was very rude and beast like. This made many of the people and gods angry with him.  This theme recurred throughout the story where Sun Wu gets angry that he is not of he highest rank or power, then he fights with anyone who is thrown at him. What really surprised me was the very end of the story when Sun Wu met Buddha. Buddha made a bet with him and said if Sun beat him then he would become the new Lord of the Heavens. Of course he accepted, but Sun lost to Buddha. Buddha then trapped him in isolation for over 300 years! His reasoning was that Sun was too out of control. He needed to tame him and basically chill out. 300 years is a very long time to be held in one spot! When Sun came out he was calm and polite.

I really enjoyed this story this week and I would read more about Sun Wu’s travels. I wrote my storytelling post about the Monkey King. In my story I just told the beginning part of the story where Sun (Moon in my story) had to overcome the trail to become the King of the monkeys. Overall I give this Unit an A+ so far. I really enjoyed the story and hope to read another good one next week.

Jet Li as The Monkey King
By daffy duck. 

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  1. Anthony, I was so happy when I read your post that I had to comment. I love Sun Wu Kung, so I am really glad you liked it too!!! And the movie with Jet Li and Jackie Chan is SO MUCH FUN. Have you seen it??? Highly recommended!!!
    The Forbidden Kingdom