Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Storytelling for Week 6: The Moon King

The Moon King

In the Valley of Dust and Gravel there was little civilization. The valley was completely flat and you could see for miles. Far off somewhere in the valley there was a giant boulder. This was the only huge structure within as far as the eye could see.  The boulder was the most smooth and shiny think on the earth. The energy of the night and the moon gave the bounder its appearance and life.  Suddenly one day a storm brewed and a lightning both stuck the boulder. It began to open up and out came a monkey; he was made out of complete Iron. His eyes were a bright as the Moon’s rays on a full moon. The Iron monkey was birthed form the Moon’s energy. No other being was like him.
            The monkey decided to venture out from the From the Valley of Dust and Grave and try to find other monkeys like him because he was all alone. He walked for days and days until he came across the Great Sea. He crossed it and found the island called the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. There he met the some other monkeys. They were very welcoming and allowed the Iron monkey to stay with them for as long as he wished. They kept saying he reminded then of someone they knew and loved dearly. The Iron monkey asked who is was and they said that there used to be another monkey that ruled over us but he has been away for over 1000 years. His name was Sun Wu Kung and he was the Monkey King of the Sun.
            The monkeys then asked if the Iron monkey had a name. He said that he didn’t, so they decided to give him a trail to see if he had what it took to be there new leader. Now this task was very dangerous. The monkeys make up this test for whoever was trying to be the next king. Since Sun Wu was made from the Sun they wanted to try and honor him while making the challenge. The Iron monkey’s task was to go on top the huge volcano on the highest point on the island.  Then he needed to go inside the mouth of the volcano and retrieve the Tablet of Sunlight. This tablet would allow the Iron monkey to become their ruler. Upon retrieving the tablet the monkeys would then find a name to suit him, since he did not have one.

            So, the iron monkey made his was up toward the volcano. The Volcano was so tall that when he reached the base of it there was still a four-day journey left ahead of him.  When he reached the peak of it volcano the iron monkey slowly made his way down into the cave. He was extra careful to make sure that he didn’t slip and fall into the magma. The other monkey didn’t know for sure if he would pass or not but they hoped so. To the Iron monkey this was easy because he did not feel any heat from the magna. In fact, he slipped of the slide of the slope, but when he hit the bottom the magma instantly cooled and turned rock solid. All the monkeys were baffled!! Then the Iron monkey retrieved the tablet and left the cave. When he brought the tablet to the monkeys they rejoiced and honored the iron monkey as their new king! The last think left to do was to name him. They decided to come up with the name Moon Ru Dung, which means “The Icy Moon” in their language. This is how  Moon Ru Dung the iron monkey came to be!

Michealjackson by: Mikael c
(Looks like a monkey king)

Authors Note:
I decided to base my story of the The Monkey King. The story is about how the stone monkey named Sun Wu Kung came to be. I decided base my story off of the intro of the reading where Sun Wu was tested to become the king of the other monkeys. If you have read this story then you would have noticed that I tried to create a new main character that had opposite qualities of Sun Wu, and from this Moon Ru was born!


  1. I did the same reading this week. I really enjoyed it. Your story is so creative. I think you did a great story of recreating a king for the monkeys. Maybe their king will always come from a stone with magical powers. In my story, I added detail to the beginning of Sun's life. So we kind of did the same writing. Great job!

  2. I didn't read this unit, but many of my stories had monkeys in them as well. Im thinking that since there is an abundance of them in Asia this may be why. I really liked that you were creative with your retelling. I think that it is awesome that you decided to take a small part of a story and make it into another, instead of just doing a retelling of another plot. Good job!