Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 5 Essay: Mixed Feelings

Week 5 Essay: Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feeling about the Middle East and India unit.  Some of the stories were really good and others not so much. My favorite story for these weeks was Arabian Nights. The collection of stories was an easy read and had great storytelling elements in it. The way one story would lead another, and into another again was intriguing and made we just want to keep reading it forever. Also, the famous Aladdin was featured in the last 6 pages of the story, so that was cool to get a change to read his full story.
            I think that the Arabian Nights story helped me write my best story in this class! It wasn’t my favorite story ever, but the plot and storytelling was so great that it made it easy for me to write my own storytelling post. I’m surprised that this story turned out to be way better than expected. I would go back and read it any time.
            My reading for week 5 was Ancient Egypt . I want to be honest and I really didn’t like this story at all. I actually hated it, but I guess you can’t like every story you read. First of all, I thought that this story was going be about one God/Goddess, or like an epic. As it turned out instead it was about many different goods that I didn’t recognize or get to fully envision. This leads my to my second frustration. The way the stories were written in Ancient Egyptian, It was extremely hard to comprehend. The language structure was ancient and some words I could not even recognize. Next, I thought that there were too many different stories in this unit. I was hard for me to jump from one god’s story to the next. On the Brightside however, I did enjoy the story called The Two Brothers. The story was well writing with a clear plot and motif. There was also not too much interaction with all of the different Egyptian gods besides Ra who had a small but important role in the story.

            Overall I did enjoy this unit somewhat. I really liked my week 4 stories, but not so much for week 5. I can’t complain though. Every week I am grateful to even get a chance to read all of these stories. They each help me expand my creativity, imagination, and also help progress my writing skills. I learned a lot from this unit. I learned about a lot of the different Egyptian gods and goddesses. I learned about genies, and also I learned about the true take of Aladdin and the magic lamp. I didn’t expect too much from this unit but it did reach my expectations and more. There were some great stories in it.  

The Egyptian Pyramids by PixelAnarchy
More info on Egyptain Pyramids can be found at Wikipedia

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  1. I happened to notice your post, Anthony, and I am so sorry you didn't like the Egypt unit. It really is a good idea to check out the actual stories before you make your choice, just to see what's there. If you like the bigger kind of unit, something like an epic where the stories are all connected, I would have recommended the Ramayana to you, or Sindbad! But listen, for next week, try the Monkey-King... I think you might like that! That's the most epic-like unit coming up soon. And the African fairy tales from Andrew Lang are separate stories, but there are some really great heroes in there, Makoma especially, so you might like that one! Anyway, poke around and explore - spending five or ten minutes to check out the language before you make your choice is definitely worth it! :-)