Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 6 Reading Diary: The Monkey King

The Monkey King

Part one:
  • On the island of the Mountain of Flowers in the Far East, A stone sat on-top of the the hill.
  • It had absorbed all all of the energy form the sun and moon. Then it cracked open and a monkey came out. He was made out of complete stone and his eyes shined brighter than the Sun's rays. 
  • He overcame a trail and became the King of the other monkeys that lived on the island. The others called him Handsome King of the Apes, and they lived happily for 300 years. 
  • He left the island in pursuit to try and find everlasting life. He wanted to be a Buddha, blessed spirit, or a god. 
  • His search took him to Asia where he stayed for 9 years blending in. Then he went to the Western land. The Monkey King heard a man singing so decided to follow the voice and see who it is. 
  • The Monkey King went to find the Master. He named him Sun Wu Kung. 
  • For seven years the Master taught Sun how to read and act correctly. 
  • The Master taught the way of eternal Life, but Sun Wu had to learn the art first. He told him that he had to overcome to great dangers. 
  • Sun Wu learned how to fly on a cloud. 
  • He then showed his other pupils how he could transform, so he turned into a pine-tree and they all started to laugh, but the Master didn't find this funny and casted him away. 
  • The master said to Sun not to ever speak of him being his pupil ever. 
  • Sun Wu Kung went back home and greeted the apes. They were happy to see him, but they could them of a Devil-King that took children and lives in the North. 
  • Sun Wu killed the King and rescued his children. He went back home to train the other monkeys. 
  • They realized that they needed strong weapons besides bamboo so Sun went to the city armory and took all the guns. 
  • He sent to see the Dragon-King. The Dragon-King brought out weapons but they were all to light, even the 7000 pound one. 
  • He ended up taking a staff that was magical. It changed size on command. 
Part two:

  • Sun Wu was called to the King of the Heavens to pay for his crimes.
  • He was being disrespectful toward other people and the King had a plan to stop this.
  • He basically gave him a warning and made him become the stablemaster for the heavenly steeds.
  • Then the other servants of the King threw a feast for Sun Wu after 30 days or so.
  •  During the meal Sun Wu asked what his title was. He didn’t realize that it was not important at all. It was so low that he was just like a peasant. This angered Sun Wu and he took his Staff out (Ruyi Jingu Bang) and beat his way out of heaven, and went back home.
  • Sun Wu just seems like he is the most cocky being ever. He doesn’t seem to get the fact that he should respect his elders, teachers, and gods. I’m an sure some karma will come back to him one day.
  • He is obsessed with power. He wants to be above all others. Since he reached immortality, he believes that nothing can stand in his way. I told his servants to make a flag for him and have it say “The Great Saint Who Is Heaven’s Equal”
  • The Lord of the Heavens sent down warriors to capture Sun, but he bested then all. The Evening Star had the idea to just bring him back and give him the title of Great Saint who is heaven’s equal.
  •  He decided that he needed to leave Heaven because he was stealing food. He brought back 4 cases of wine with him. 
  • Sun Wu began to fight a long battle with Yang Oerlang. He was the Grandson of the Lord of the Heavens
  • He could not stop him then Buddha came to step in. 
  • He stopped him and made him sit in isolation for hundreds of years till be finally calmed down and became well mannered. 

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